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Diagnosis Impossible: The Problems of Dr. Sam Hawthorne by Edward D. Hoch

Crippen & Landru (first), 1996 Life just keeps getting easier. Publishers Crippen & Landru, sweeter-natured than their murderous namesakes, are providing gorgeous surprises for mystery lovers. Here we have a dozen of the best “Dr. Sam” stories by the ingenious Edward Hoch, attractively packaged with an afterword and chronology by Marvin Lachman and an introduction by the author (who is, to our joy, still authoring). Rather than scouring through anthologies and back copies of EQMM, here the stories are, ready to read and relish. Each is steeped in the history of early twentieth century America, and each is a perfectly plotted vignette in which an impossible event is neatly explained […]

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